Metro Steel USA is a 200,000 square foot heavy fabrication facility and steel distributor with a fleet of semi trucks. The large fabrication facility has the latest state-of-the-art machines for laser, plasma, and CNC projects for valued added steel services such as OEM, as well as structural steel.

What Are We Building Next?

Providing partners with heavy fabrication, original equipment manufacturing, valued added services, large structural projects, and steel distribution. Metro Steel USA is an exceptional leader for heavy metal manufacturing.

Heavy Metal Projects

Let our team know what we can build for you today. Send the specs to request a quote.

Value Added Metal Services: Heavy Fabrication, OEM, and Structural Steel

Metro Steel USA uses the latest technologies to build heavy fabrication projects. A full-line metal center with processing and large welding teams, including robotic welders. Precision CNC Machining, laser, plasma, and structural steel. Contact our team to discuss your project.

Metal Shapes Shipped

Let our team know what we can build for you today. Send the specs to request a quote.

Steel and Aluminum Distribution

A 200,000 sq ft facility with steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. For large fabrication projects, Metro Steel USA has a large team of welders, as well as robotic welders. Let us know what you need. Check out the steel and aluminum shapes available for distribution.

We're on the way.

Let our team know what we can build for you today. Send the specs to request a quote.

Semi Truck Fleet Ready To Deliver

A fleet of semi trucks running daily to bring to your projects who deliver across Florida and the Southeast United States.

Metro Steel USA works with you to provide value added services for heavy metal fabrication, original equipment manufacturing, and structural steel. There is a team dedicated to your project to make sure it’s precise and on-time.

The state-of-the-art facility we build your projects with includes the fastest laser in the country, as well as machines for CNC machining, CNC forming, plasma, ironworkers, plate rolls, large steel saw cutting, shearing, structural rollers, and robotic welders.

Sharp, dedicated welding crews and machinists help run the facility smoothly with operational and strategic staff support. Contact the sales team to discuss the needs of your project.
Metro Steel USA Recently Added
the Fastest Laser Available.

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