Leading the way in Heavy Fabrication, Structural Steel, and OEM

Large Metal Fabrication
CNC Machining
CNC Forming
Structural Steel Roller


Since 1920

Delivery Fleets To Florida, Georgia, South Carolina

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Heavy Fabrication and Distribution

Metro Steel USA uses the latest technologies to build heavy fabrication projects. A full-line metal center with processing and large welding teams, including robotic welders. Precision CNC Machining, laser, plasma, and structural steel.

Welding and Metals Resource

A 200,000 sq ft facility with steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. For large fabrication projects, Metro Steel USA has a teams of welders, as well as robotic welders.

Steel Delivery

A fleet of trucks that deliver heavy welding projects, OEM, and structural steel to Florida, Georgia, South Carolina.

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Metro Steel USA is a family owned steel center that has been servicing the state of Florida for decades. Charles Shepherd moved his family to Leesburg, Florida in 1914 where he would later establish Leesburg Welding in 1920.
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Our Management team is dedicated to seeking continual improvement of its products and services by implementing policies and procedures that manage changes, identify and manage risks, and ensure our customers receive the quality parts which they have come to expect.