ironworker machining

Metro STeel's ironworker machining

Fabrication is an essential process for many industries, especially those relying on metal components. Metro Steel understands this and has 4 dedicated ironworkers at the ready to assist with fabrication tasks. These machines are tasked with shearing, notching, punching, and bending steel and aluminum up to 120 tons of force. This versatility in fabrication allows Metro Steel to provide fabrication services from simple parts to complicated assemblies quickly and efficiently.

What is ironworker machining?

Ironworker machining is an effective fabrication process that shapes metal in order to create desired pieces and structures. It utilizes hydraulic machines and tools such as drill presses, punches, chisels, dies and plates that help shape heavy metal components for industrial constructions like bridges, buildings, and more. It is a tedious process that requires precision, attention to detail and skillful technicians. Metro Steel ensures that all safety measures are taken into account while completing projects efficiently. Ironworker machining offers solutions for specialized tasks where other fabrication processes may not be able to do the job properly due to its unique attributes which make it a great fabrication tool all around.