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Laser Cutting and Fabrication Services

Precision Laser cutting Solutions for OEM Manufacturers

Laser fabrication is at the core of our commitment to helping Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). We understand the challenges you face in today’s competitive market. Precision, efficiency, and flexibility are key to your success. That’s why we focus on these areas to help you cut production costs and boost product quality. Our laser cutting and fabrication services are top-notch. We’ve carefully designed them to meet your core needs. Here’s what we offer: 1. Cutting-edge solutions 2. Operational excellence 3. Advanced technology We’re here to drive your success forward. With our services, you can stay ahead in the market and meet your production goals more effectively. Let’s work together to tackle your unique challenges. Our team is ready to provide the expert laser fabrication services you need to thrive.

Unmatched Precision and Accuracy in Fabricated Parts

Laser cutting has revolutionized the manufacturing landscape, and it’s no secret why OEMs prefer this technology. Our laser fabrication services deliver unparalleled precision, enabling the production of intricate shapes and designs with tight tolerances. This level of precision ensures that each component meets exact specifications, which is crucial for the functionality and safety of finished products.

Accelerating Production without Compromising Quality

Time-sensitive projects are a norm in manufacturing, and our laser fabrication technology is specifically designed to accelerate production without sacrificing quality. Laser cutting processes are inherently faster than conventional methods, such as mechanical cutting or stamping. Our Trumpf TruLaser machines, including the 5060, 5030, and 3040 models, are equipped with powerful lasers and advanced cutting capabilities, ensuring rapid turnaround times and high productivity. This allows OEMs to meet tight deadlines and maintain a competitive edge in the market.

Clean and Smooth Edges: Reducing Secondary Processes

The precision of laser cutting doesn’t just benefit the accuracy of components; it also significantly reduces the need for additional finishing processes. Laser cuts produce clean, burr-free edges, eliminating the need for deburring or additional smoothing. This not only saves time but also minimizes labor costs and enhances the overall efficiency of the production process. For OEMs, this means a faster, more cost-effective route from design to finished part.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Manufacturing

In today’s environmentally conscious world, adopting sustainable manufacturing practices is not just a trend but a necessity. Laser cutting stands out as an eco-friendly technology, minimizing material wastage due to its precise cuts. Traditional cutting methods often lead to significant waste from the width of the cutting tool, but our laser technology optimizes material usage, supporting sustainable production practices. By reducing waste and enhancing material efficiency, we help OEMs meet their sustainability goals while maintaining high production standards.
Laser Fabrication Services with TruLaser

Metro Steel USA's Advanced Laser Equipment

Our commitment to providing top-tier laser fabrication services is backed by our investment in state-of-the-art equipment. The Trumpf TruLaser series represents the pinnacle of laser cutting technology, designed for maximum productivity, precision, and efficiency. Here’s a closer look at our equipment:

  • Trumpf TruLaser 5060: This high-end laser cutter is ideal for handling large-scale projects quickly and precisely. Equipped with advanced cutting capabilities, it can process a variety of materials, making it a powerhouse for OEMs looking to scale up production.

  • Trumpf TruLaser 5030: Known for its flexibility and accuracy, the TruLaser 5030 excels in intricate cuts and detailed work. This machine is perfect for projects that require exceptional precision and a pristine finish, making it the go-to for high-accuracy tasks.

  • Trumpf TruLaser 3040: Combining robustness with high-quality cutting capabilities, the TruLaser 3040 offers reliable performance for diverse applications. It consistently delivers top-quality results, even for demanding projects, ensuring OEMs receive parts that meet their rigorous standards.

  • Trumpf TruLaser Tube 7000: Specialized in tube and profile laser cutting, this machine handles a variety of shapes and sizes with precision. It’s particularly suited for projects requiring tubular materials, ensuring high-quality results for complex geometries and various diameters.

Interested in Tube Laser Services?

Discover the precision, efficiency, and versatility that tube laser cutting brings to your heavy steel fabrication projects. Our state-of-the-art tube lasers ensure accurate cuts, reduced waste, and faster production times, making them ideal for complex geometries and large production runs. Whether you need custom shapes or high-volume consistency, our tube laser services deliver top-quality results, helping you save on costs and easily meet your project deadlines.

Custom Fabricated Parts cut with a tube laser.

Partner with Metro Steel USA for Superior Laser Fabrication Services

At Metro Steel USA, we are dedicated to turning your manufacturing vision into reality with the highest quality standards. Our experienced team and state-of-the-art laser cutting equipment ensure that we handle each project with the utmost precision and care. Whether you need complex components, custom designs, or large-scale production, we are here to help you achieve your manufacturing goals.

Contact Metro Steel USA today to discuss your project needs and discover how our advanced laser cutting and fabrication services can benefit your operations. Let us be your partner in delivering superior, custom fabricated parts that meet and exceed your expectations.

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