Three generations down the line, Bryan Shepherd has continued Metro Steel’s values of fast distribution and “value added” processing. The family-owned company has been servicing the state of Florida for decades. They are not just a steel supply company, they’re an American metal center that can do anything from processing to fabricating carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.


Many of Metro Steel’s processes use top of the line equipment to speed up production. Specifically, the laser processing is done with a laser cutting machine that cuts production time in half. Another manufacturer favorite is CNC Machining processing. The high quality equipment allows for precision and speed for very specific jobs.

All of the equipment they use are precise and reliable, allowing for them to charge low rates for their services. Customer service is a priority at Metro Steel, and if you can’t find a piece you need, they will do everything they can to find it through their team. For added convenience, Metro Steel has a full-service delivery system throughout the Florida area.

Customer service and quality processing are what make Metro Steel USA the go-to for your metal processing needs.

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