Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing

Important fabricated metal processes are bending, forming, laser, plasma, and machining, used to shape individual pieces of metal; and other processes, such as welding and assembling, used to join separate parts together.

Industries in the Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing subsector transform metal into intermediate or end products. Metro Steel USA provides partners with heavy fabrication and distribution, including OEM and large structural steel projects.

Structural Steel Highlighted Project

Metro Steel USA builds out large structural steel projects and has a fleet of trucks to deliver the steel structures.

Heavy Fabrication, OEM, and Structural Steel Projects

By using the latest technologies, Metro Steel USA builds heavy fabrication projects for partners across Florida. A full-line metal center with processing and large welding teams, including robotic welders. Precision CNC Machining, laser, plasma, and structural steel.


Metro Steel USA joins MACF (Manufacturers Association of Central Florida)

Metro Steel USA has become a member of the Manufacturers Association of Central Florida. This gives MACF members a partner in Florida for steel and aluminum services; including heavy fabrication, original equipment manufacturing, and steel distribution with a fleet of trucks.

Steel deliveries from Central Florida to Orlando, Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa, and across the southeast U.S.

Metro Steel USA is adding 20 Welders and Robotic Welder For Heavy Fabrication Demand

Press Release | Florida

The demand for heavy fabrication, structural steel, and original equipment manufacturing has Metro Steel USA growing their team by 20 new welders.

Additionally, a New Lincoln Robotic welder, that a more tech savvy welding crew member directs, will be operating in the 200,000 square ft facility. The robotic welder is capable of 24/7 work, along with the other machines for laser, plasma, forming, rolling and CNC machining. Automated welding helps alleviate certain tasks that will allow the welding team to focus on other heavy fabrication projects.

“Heavy fabrication projects and structural steel distribution, along with the original equipment manufacturing expansion, has given us the chance to add more welding talent to our company. We project continued growth as demand is continuing to increase,” said Adam Nesmith, Vice President of Metro Steel USA. “We are centrally located to the coasts of Florida and considering the challenges facing the trucking industry today, having our own fleet of trucks gives us a tremendous advantage.”

The state-of-the-art heavy fabrication shop has technological capabilities that allow the largest companies in the U.S. to use Metro Steel USA for a wide range of metal projects. The vast size of Metro Steel USA allows for very large, heavy fabrication.

Metro Steel USA is a family owned business that has helped build Florida and surrounding states for decades. To contact Metro Seel USA for heavy fabrication, structural steel, or OEM projects, and steel distribution, use or (352) 742-1395


Continuing a Legacy of U.S. Produced Steel

Three generations down the line, Bryan Shepherd has continued Metro Steel’s values of fast distribution and “value added” processing. The family-owned company has been servicing the state of Florida for decades. They are not just a steel supply company, they’re an American metal center that can do anything from processing to fabricating carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.


Many of Metro Steel’s processes use top of the line equipment to speed up production. Specifically, the laser processing is done with a laser cutting machine that cuts production time in half. Another manufacturer favorite is CNC Machining processing. The high quality equipment allows for precision and speed for very specific jobs.

All of the equipment they use are precise and reliable, allowing for them to charge low rates for their services. Customer service is a priority at Metro Steel, and if you can’t find a piece you need, they will do everything they can to find it through their team. For added convenience, Metro Steel has a full-service delivery system throughout the Florida area.

Customer service and quality processing are what make Metro Steel USA the go-to for your metal processing needs.

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Bryan Shepherd Takes Reigns of Metro Steel As Owner And President

In 2001, Bryan Shepherd took ownership of Metro Steel after his father “Chuck” passed away. Continuing with the idea of distribution and “value-added” processing, Metro Steel continues to expand in both size and ability. Metro Steel is now located in Tavares, FL with 160,000 sf of space, and has expanded “value-added” capabilities by adding more CNC equipment, such as Laser, Plasma, Press Brakes, Machining, etc.

Metro Steel & Pipe Supply Opens In Leesburg, FL

In 1974 Charles “Bee” II’s son, Charles “Chuck” Shepherd established Metro Steel and Pipe Supply, Inc. on the property adjacent to Leesburg Welding, where he built a 35,000 sf building. His steel warehouse and distribution business serviced numerous industries across central Florida. In addition to selling raw materials, Chuck purchased equipment to cut, shear, bend and roll steel products according to customer needs. This was the beginning of the “value-added” processing.