CNC Plasma Burning
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CNC Plasma Burning

Our Flame and Plasma Cutting Titan II


Our Flame and Plasma Cutting Titan II cutting system and Metal Master cutting system are highly efficient. If you need steel, stainless steel or aluminum cut, our CNC burning systems allow for speed and flexibility. The cutting areas are 96” by 480” or 132” by 360”, allowing for a large amount of work space for all project sizes.

The 8 foot wide plasma cutter can cut materials up to 3 inches thick. Originally used to cut high alloy steels and aluminum, plasma cutting is now useful for inexpensive cutting of low alloy steels as well. The flame cutting system can cleanly cut material up to 6 inches thick.

The ALFA oxyfuel torch system is known as the “torch of the future”. The oxyfuel cutting system is the most economical cutting method. With this system, there is no need for tools to change the nozzles, practically eliminating setup time.