Square and Rectangular Tubing

Reliable Square and rectangular Steel Tubing

Metal square tubing is a highly versatile and popular material in fabrication jobs. One of the most significant benefits of square tubing is its excellent strength and durability, making it ideal for applications with high load-bearing capacity. Additionally, the square shape of this tubing provides consistent support and ensures that the load is evenly distributed across the entire tube length. This is a crucial advantage in applications where the material needs to withstand significant forces or impact. Square tubing is also highly resistant to bending and twisting, making it a popular choice for applications where structural integrity is paramount. Furthermore, square tubing is incredibly versatile and can be used in various applications, including building frames, machinery, vehicles, and more. With its excellent strength, durability, and versatility, metal square tubing is the go-to choice for many fabricators looking to create durable, high-quality products.

Sizes and Material

We offer a variety of sizes of steel square tubing so you can find the right size for your project. Our tubing is made of steel, stainless steel, and aluminum, each designed to meet A-500 standards. We have standard lengths of 20, 24, 40, and 48 ft., so you can find the size that fits your project.

Please consult our sizing chart to ensure you get the right size tubing for your project. Our chart lists the various sizes of steel square tubing so you can find the best size for your project. This chart includes inner and outer measurements, so you can get the exact size you need for your project.